Special Rituals

There are many rituals that can be incorporated into a naming ceremony. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Releasing balloons.
  • Sprinkle the child with rose petals.
  • Pass the child around to all guests for a special blessing.
  • Plant a tree or shrub.
  • Water blessing and / or prayer.
  • Lighting candles – parents light their own and then together light the child’s.

Other Suggestions

  • Ask each guest to write down a message especially for your child. Hold onto these until the child is able to read them.
  • Ask each guest to bring a keepsake, a small inexpensive item, to give to your child. This could be a flower from their garden or a photograph or a piece of paper with a message or any other trinket. Place these in a special box to be given to your child at a special time in years to come.
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    Special Rituals
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