Where & When

A marriage ceremony can take place virtually anywhere in Australia. On the Gold Coast, we have many beautiful Chapels, beaches, parks, gardens, golf resorts and other appropriate venues.

It is advisable to book your chosen Celebrant as soon as you have decided on the date for your special day.

When arranging the time for your Ceremony, you may wish to consider sunset / sunrise times to take full advantage of the natural light for your photographs.  Tide times may also be a consideration if you are planning a beach ceremony.

If you are considering a local park or beach, you will need to contact the Gold Coast City Council to see if the area is available and the conditions of use.  Your Celebrant should be able to provide the required Application Form to assist you with this process or visit Gold Coast City Council Website (GCCC) for more information.


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    Where to from here?
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    Where & When
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